Dust extractor attachment add-on

PCB milling and drilling operations produce quite a bit of dust. As the most common laminate substrate is fiber-glass based, the dust contains glass particles. Inhaling these particles is hazardous for health, so proper dust extractor is a must.

This add-on allows to connect your dust extractor directly to Cirqoid, removing the dust right away. This keeps both you and your Cirqoid healthier. Your desk will also look much cleaner.

We recommend using Festool CTH-26E dust extractor with this add-on. But, of course, you can use any other applicable dust extractor.

The add-on attaches to a hose with D36 (36mm external diameter) connector. If you already have an appropriate hose, you are fine to use that. If you prefer getting one, it's possible to get that included.

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