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Prices on our website do not include any taxes. Here is a list of taxes, which might be applicable to your order, depending on your country:

EU countries

Orders from customers in EU countries may be subject to VAT. VAT stands for value added tax. According to the legislation it needs to be charged on the order in certain circumstances. Please consult the list below to see if your purchase will be levied with VAT:

If you select destination country, which is a member of EU, the VAT amount will be added to your order at the checkout.

At the moment, because of technical matters we cannot automatically process VAT exempt orders from EU business customers. If you have a European VAT identification number - please proceed with your order and write us a note, we will charge you the order amount less VAT and will supply you with the correct invoice. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us at for off-line order processing. Thanks for your understanding.

Rest of the world

Orders to countries outside of European Union might be levied by import or other taxes, which will need to be paid when receiving the order. Please contact the relevant authorities in your country to find out the procedure and payments that will be applicable to your order in advance.

Please refer to Terms and conditions for further information.