PCB prototyping tools
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Isolation milling

Using an isolation milling V tool the machine follows the outline of each trace, thus isolating it from surrounding copper and turning that into a trace. One by one every trace is separated and this part of the process is done.

There are two sizes of V tools available: the standard one measures 0.2-0.5mm in the diameter (because the tool is V shaped, the diameter varies depending on how deep the tool is engaged) and the small one, which measures 0.1-0.15mm. Given the run-out of the spindle is less than 0.03mm, the minimum traces spacing the machine can reliably handle is 0.2mm.

Because of the use of registration pins, double sided boards are milled like a breeze. You only need to flip the board to the other side - there's no need to align it with previous layer.

This operation requires spindle add-on.

Holes drilling

This operation also requires spindle add-on. It's fairly straight forward here - you insert a drill and the machine drills holes.

Solder paste dispensing

This operation requires dispensing add-on. You will also need to get a 10ml syringe of soldering paste meant for machine dispensing (no manual plunger or piston). To get the paste dispensed on the pads you'll need to:

SMD Components placement

To place components you put a tape with your components on the panel and insert pick and place head in the machine, the software will then pick the components from the reel and place them on their places on the board. It will also rotate them to match their orientation on the board. And you don't even need to remember which component goes where - the software knows that. It's that easy!

This operation requires pick and place add-on.