Cirqoid coming to Makerland

Posted on February 19, 2014.

Every once in a while people ask us if it's possible to see Cirqoid in real life or try to use it. If you happen to be in Warsaw in March, that's exactly what you can do! We are coming to Makerland event to help everyone interested to get onboard of PCB prototyping. There's also plenty of stuff to see and do if you have making-inclined mind.

At Cirqoid station we (that is you) will making battery powered thermometers. This is what they are going to look like:

Everyone will be provided with an access to Cirqoid and all the necessary things (like board material, components, etc.) to mill, drill and bring this board to life! All this with friendly advices and suggestions of Cirqoid gurus!

Looking forward to see you there on March 17th!

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